Love Kebabs (aka Heart-Shaped Fruit Kebabs)

Here’s a fun, healthy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day: heart-shaped fruit kebabs! I made these to send into my daughter’s class for their Valentine’s Day party.

Heart-Shaped Fruit Kebabs

Heart-Shaped Fruit Kebabs

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Wedding Cupcakes

My cousin called me a few days before her wedding reception in a bit of a pickle. She needed a cake for her wedding, but it was too late to order one. Knowing how stressed out she was, I offered to help. However, there was no way I would be able to bake and nicely decorate a wedding cake within 24 hours. So what’s the next best solution? Cupcakes with roses on top!

Buttercream Rose Cupcake

I baked 88 chocolate cupcakes, and to the bride’s credit- she and her friends baked another 48 cupcakes.  [Continue reading…]

Strawberry Santas


I was not planning on making a dessert this year for my husband’s work place since I was travelling a few days earlier than usual to visit my family in New England. However, my husband insisted that I send something in as I do every year for his job (he always works Christmas). This year […]

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A Curious George Party


A few months before my daughter’s birthday party, I asked her what kind of theme she wanted. She was (and still is) obsessing over two characters: Barney and Curious George. However, no offense to Barney, but I cannot stand that purple dinosaur. So…Curious George it was. If you are a DIY type of person and […]

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What To Make with Fresh Pumpkins?

Kaddo Borwani

Pumpkin Pie        Pumpkin Ravioli        Pumpkin Cake        Pumpkin Soup        Pumpkin Cheesecake No! Make Kaddo Borwani (or Bourani), of course! When my husband and I lived in Baltimore (before we had our kids), we loved having date nights at The Helmand. One of the signature dishes at this Afghani restaurant is […]

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Spice Containers – A Vinyl Project

personalized spice containers

My mom cooks and eats Bengali food everyday, and I noticed she stores her indian spices in old jars without airtight lids. I wanted to do something unique and special for her on Mother’s Day, so I replaced her jars with these: Nowhere else will you find containers personalized with these labels. Gotta love what […]

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Toy Story Party

Toy Story Cupcake Tree with Andy's Bed

It all started with a party invitation designed in Photoshop… We decorated the house with drawings from Andy’s room as seen in 

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Toy Story Cupcake Tree

Toy Story Cupcake Tree

My son is obsessed with Toy Story. Enough so that we had to do a Toy Story party for his 4th birthday. I’m saving the party planning details for a later blog post, but the cupcake tree I made deserves its own post. And here is a closeup of some of the aliens to give […]

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Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

Ingredients in Slow Cooker

My picky toddlers gobbled this up, so this meal is a win for me! The best part is that it requires less than 5 minutes of prep before it goes into your slow cooker. I would have loved to make my barbeque sauce from scratch, but I was short on time on a weeknight. So, […]

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Easy Hair Bow Holder

Bow Holder

This hair bow holder is a gift I made for my friend’s daughter. I made this for her because I heard the little lady recently got her room painted pink and thought this would be a fun and practical accessory. My favorite part is the hooks at the bottom of the board for hanging headbands […]

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