Tutu Hairbow Holder

How adorable is this? My daughter has a ton of hair clips, and I needed a better way of organizing and storing her clippies. I saw a bunch of these being sold on etsy and wanted to make my own. Here is the one I made for my daughter:

Tutu Hairbow Holder

Think of it as shabby chic with a twist…

What You’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Freezer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Fabric or pillow case (make sure it’s ironed!)
  • Fabric Glue or Hot Glue
  • Foam Board
  • Box Cutter or Craft Knife
  • Tulle
  • Bows, Flowers, or Other Embellishments
  • 7/8 in Grosgrain Ribbon (for hanging holder)
  • 3/8 in Grosgrain Ribbon (to make bow holder)

How To Make Tutu Hairbow Holder:

  1. Take a piece of freezer paper and fold it in half. Trace a pattern for the bodice. My finished bodice was 11 in wide and 12 in long.
    Trace Bodice
  2. Cut out your pattern.
    Bodice Pattern
  3. Using a pillow case or a piece of fabric, cut out two bodices. One bodice should be the exact size of your pattern. The second bodice should be almost an inch bigger all around.
    Cut Fabric
  4. Trace the bodice pattern on a piece of foam board and cut that out as well.
    Cut Foam Board
  5. Using the larger piece of fabric, glue it to the foam board. Cut slits along the edges so that the fabric fits better around the curves. Here are two pictures from the back of the board:
    Back of Bodice

    Cutting Slits

    Cut Slits Every Inch To Make Fabric Fit Around Bodice Curves

  6. Now glue the other fabric on top of the back side of the board. This will hide all the slits. Here is a finished bodice:
    Finished Bodice
  7. Make a tutu. I used a spool of 6 in tulle that I cut into 3 foot strips. (This will make an 18 in tutu.) I used about 25 strips, but you may end up needing more or less depending on how full you want your tutu to be. I then cut a piece of 3/8 in grosgrain ribbon 17 inches long and used this to tie the tulle. Fold the tulle in half and make slip knots on to the ribbon.


    You can also make a tutu this way for your little one to wear!

  8. Glue the tutu on to the bodice. Make sure some of the tulle and ribbon ends up going around to the back of the bodice! I left about 2-3 in of ribbon on each side.
  9. Using the 3/8 in ribbon, cut six pieces each 18 in long. Heat seal the ends of the ribbons using a candle or lighter. Glue flowers or embellishments to the end of the ribbon.
    Flower Ends
  10. Glue the bow holders on to the bodice just above the tutu. Using the 7/8 in ribbon, cut a piece that will be used to hang your holder. Glue it to the top of the bodice on the back side.
  11. Using the 3/8 in ribbon, cut two pieces and glue a criss-cross in the center of the bodice. Add flowers or bows to the front of the bodice on the shoulders.
  12. Add bows, flowers or other embellishments on to the tutu to cover up any ribbon that is showing. You now have a cute bow holder to hang in your child’s room!

Tutu Hairbow Holder


  1. I hadn’t noticed your blog until today and I’m just so wowed by it all!! I don’t know how you manage to take care of the kiddies and run the house AND work on your doctoral thesis and everything that entails… if that’s not inspiration for me to get off my lazy ass and do something, I don’t know what is…!!!! Seriously though, I’m so impressed – not just by your energy and time management skills but your culinary (baking too!) and crafting skills! I’m definitely going to try a thing or two from here… 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I find baking and crafting very therapeutic! If you want to start with something easy, I highly recommend the oreo truffles!

  2. Awesome design!!!!!!!!

  3. I love love love this. Absolutely adorable.

  4. Sherrill G says:

    So…I forgot all about a baby shower and work…and I’m glad I did! With all the bows the baby got, it inspired me to make a bow holder…then I found this! A million thanks!!

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