Can’t Go Wrong Holiday Cake

A festive cake with flavors that are sure to please anyone. Who doesn’t love chocolate, coconut, strawberries and nutella whipped cream filling? Rumor has it when the cake was served it was cleaned out in less than an hour!

Boo! Meringue Ghosts!

Celebrate Halloween with these coconut meringue ghosts dipped in chocolate and chopped almonds. It’s a yummy treat that is fun to make with kids.

Hello Kitty Cake

Happy 2nd birthday to my little girl! She had a Hello Kitty themed party and a matching cake to go with it. What makes this cake unique are the handpainted flower blossoms spiraling around the cake.

Happy Father’s Day Cake

This is what I created by the end of the basic cake decorating class at my local Viking School. In a five hour workshop, the instructor covered the basics of using buttercream to frost and decorate a cake.

Flowers and Bow Cake

The culinary classes at Viking School are wonderful! They are designed for beginners and not intimidating at all. What you see here is the result of one advanced, five hour workshop on cake decorating with fondant and gum paste.

Butterfly Cupcakes

If you or someone you know is obsessed with butterflies, they will most definitely love these cupcakes! They look complicated to make, but they are easier to make than one might think.

Oreo Truffles

Calling all oreo fans! This is technically a no-bake dessert, but I figured I would share it with you here. All it takes is three ingredients to make this yummy dessert. No baking or cooking required. Just a microwave!

Kit Kat Cake

This eye-catching cake is easy to make, and its presentation will impress your friends. Who doesn’t like Kit Kats and M&Ms?

Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake

If you love Italian rainbow cookies, you will love eating it in the form of a cake. It’s a beautiful dessert to bring to any party. How I learned to make the cake.

Go Diego Go! Cake

Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite boy! This was my first time baking a two-tier cake. Here is how I did it.

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