Personalized iPad Smart Cover – Cricut Meets iPad!

My husband was nice enough to buy me an early birthday present, an iPad 2! Can you see me jumping up and down for joy? I bought a blue Apple Smart Cover to go with it, but it looked plain and simple. Normally, I am all about making crafts for my kids or baked goods for others, but this time I decided to be a bit selfish and make something crafty for myself.

iPad Cover with MonogramEnter Cricut Expression…I originally wanted to vinyl the whole cover and put a funky design on it. However, I realized it would not be practical since I have to fold the cover to make the iPad stand. I also did not want to go overboard putting vinyl decals on the front and figured less is more. So, I used my Gypsy to create a monogram and put something decorative around my initials.

Here is the Smart Cover before:

iPad Smart Cover PlainAfter I designed the monogram using a Gypsy, I used my Expression to cut vinyl. This is what was left after removing the negative space (unused white vinyl).

Vinyl for iPadNext, I applied transfer tape to pick up my design. Here is what the vinyl monogram looks like before the tape is lifted.

iPad Transfer TapeAfter I lifted the transfer tape, I positioned the monogram where I wanted it to be. Then I applied the decal and peeled off the transfer tape. And this is what happens when you mix a Cricut with an iPad…

iPad Cover with Monogram



  1. Great idea! How well did it stay on the cover?

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