Toy Story Party

It all started with a party invitation designed in Photoshop…

Toy Story Invitation

We decorated the house with drawings from Andy’s room as seen in  the Toy Story movies. I downloaded the drawings from Pixar Planet and printed them on card stock.

Andy's Room Drawings

We also decorated the house with army men…

Army Men

and used them to play a game. Both the adults and the kids played Army Men Estimation. I filled a glass hurricane cylinder candle holder with a bunch of army men (thank you Dollar Store!). As guests arrived, they used their math skills to guesstimate the number of army men in the jar. The winning prize was the candle holder with all the army men (though unfortunately my son did not give up the army men) and a scented candle to fit in the holder.

Toy Story Army Men Estimation

How Many Army Men Are In The Jar?

Before the winner of the Army Men game was revealed, we celebrated with a Toy Story Cupcake Tree I made that had Andy’s bed on top. More on making the cupcake tree here. Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes?

Toy Story Cupcake Tree with Andy's Bed

To Four and Beyond!

After having cupcakes, we played a couple more games. Some of the grownups played a Barrel of Monkeys (remember the opening scene of Toy Story 3?) while the kids played Pin The Tail on Bullseye for some prizes. I was originally going to print the one available on Disney Family‘s web site, but I was running low on time so I bought a different version from Party City. I know, I can’t be crafty all the time! I did make up for it later with party favors though.

We also had a pull string piñata for the kids loaded with goodies and candy (also from Party City):

I made a birthday banner using Toy Story colors and party favors for the kids using my Silhouette Cameo.

Birthday Banner

The favors were stationary boxes personalized with vinyl and filled with Toy Story goodies:

Personalized Pencil Stationary Box

And we couldn’t leave the adults empty-handed, so they went home with cookies. I saw a neat little gadget at Williams-Sonoma called Message In A Cookie which lets you stamp and cut personalized phrases in cookie dough. If you’re thinking of buying it, PLEASE DON’T. The letters are a pain to slide in and remove, just ask my husband! We even exchanged it for a new set and still had the same problem. I made Sugarbelle‘s basic sugar cookie recipe and used hazelnut, coconut, and almond extracts to flavor the cookies. The cookies came out a little crispy but tasted yummy nevertheless! The bag topper was designed in Photoshop, printed on card stock, and stapled on to clear cello bags. Message on the front: To Infinity and Beyond! Message on the back: You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

Cookie Favors

Front: To Infinity and Beyond!
Back: You've Got A Friend in Me


  1. Loved the cupcakes! So cute! =)

  2. Dstrada says:

    Where did you get the Army Men in a Jar list? would you happen to have the link Pleeeeease! Thanks!

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