Spice Containers – A Vinyl Project

My mom cooks and eats Bengali food everyday, and I noticed she stores her indian spices in old jars without airtight lids. I wanted to do something unique and special for her on Mother’s Day, so I replaced her jars with these:

personalized spice containers

Nowhere else will you find containers personalized with these labels. Gotta love what the Silhouette can do with vinyl!

I cut the names of the most common indian cooking spices using black outdoor vinyl and my trusty Silhouette Cameo. The containers are by OXO, and they came up with an easy way to keep contents of a container airtight. There’s a push button on the top of each of the containers that locks and seals the food and spices. It’s a lot easier to use these than the glass jars I use in my kitchen.

And because I’m addicted to vinyl projects, I personalized a few other containers for her Bengali staples…

Rice Container

Lentils Container


  1. Love these, thank you 🙂

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