Rescue Pack Goodie Bags (Go Diego Go! Theme)

What better way to send your guests home than with Diego’s Rescue Pack! Cutting the images out is a bit time consuming, but the end product is pretty adorable.

Rescue Pack Goodie Bag

What You’ll Need:

  • Orange bags
  • Yellow card stock (eye brows)
  • White card stock (eyes)
  • Black card stock (eyes)
  • Red card stock (mouth)
  • Pink card stock (tongue)
  • All purpose glue
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie
  • Rescue Pack coloring page – I got mine from Nick Jr.

How To Make Rescue Packs:

  1. Copy and enlarge the rescue pack coloring page until you’re happy with the size of the face. This will be used as your template for cutting.
  2. Copy or print a second coloring page. This will be your reference page when gluing the face on the bags.
  3. Cut out the different parts of the Rescue Pack’s face from the englarged coloring page.
  4. Trace the parts on the appropriate color card stock. See the list above under What You’ll Need.
  5. Using the second coloring page as a reference, position the parts of the face on the bags and glue them to the bag.
  6. Using the black sharpie, draw the lower eye lid, mouth outline and dimple on the chin.

Now fill your Rescue Packs with party favors!

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