Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake

Love Italian Rainbow Cookies? You must try making this cake! It’s very elegant and a nice treat to bring to a party or someone’s house. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Italian Rainbow Cookie CakeRainbow Cake Slice

My husband volunteered me to bake a cake for a holiday party at his job. I saw this recipe on the blog Always Order Dessert and needed an excuse to make it. Now I had one. I followed the instructions on the blog for the most part, except I used Wilton icing gel to color the layers. After I covered the cake in chocolate ganache, I drew a spider web on top.

How To Make The Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake:
Follow these instructions.

What You’ll Need To Make the Spider Web Design:

  • 1/2 cup pink melting chocolates (Wilton)
  • Sandwich bag
  • Scissors
  • Knife

Rainbow Cake Web Design

How To Draw The Design:

  1. Place the melting chocolates in a ziplock bag. Do not fully seal.
  2. Microwave for 15 seconds on high.
  3. Squish the melting chocolates together and microwave for another 10 seconds on high.
  4. Continue alternating between squeezing the sandwich bag and microwaving in 10 second bursts until the chocolates are fully melted.
  5. Once melted, seal the sandwich bag. Clip a small hole in one of the corners. This is your decorating tip. Be sure not to clip the hole too big or your web will be too thick!
  6. Starting in the center of the cake, draw a circular spiral until you reach the outside of the cake. The key is to draw quickly before the chocolate hardens.
  7. Using your knife, draw a line from the center of the cake down to the 6 o’clock mark. Draw another line from the center to the 12 o’clock mark. Repeat drawing lines from the center to 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock marks. Draw lines between each quadrant as well.
  8. Using your knife, draw lines going from the edge of the cake back to the center between each of the lines you drew in step 7.  Voilà! You now have a beautiful spider web design on top of your cake.


  1. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS! You did an amazing job. So excited that you loved the cake!

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